Indispensable gadgets for a trendy traveler

Technology is taking over our daily lives. Many criticize this excessive growth of new technologies, but the truth is that it also has its good side, for example, the infinity of new gadgets that are indispensable for travelling more easily.

From luggage to diet

Before leaving the house, we must check the suitcase. Cheap airlines have made it easier to travel abroad, but sometimes you may be upset by excess luggage in one of them. Well, we now have weights for luggage. Simple and useful devices that will help us hang our suitcases and know exactly how much they weigh when they are full. Don't forget that excess luggage is paid for, and sometimes very expensive. The best thing is that these weights are portable, which allows us to take them with us during the trip to make sure we don't come back with extra kilos, at least in the suitcase.

The inevitable external battery

Travelling with our cameras, cell phones or state-of-the-art tablets is a luxury. High quality photos, being in contact with the rest of the world or being able to read the press to find out what's going on without having to translate the newspapers of our destination. Well, all this requires a battery, yes, the dreaded battery. If you don't want to hang on, you can choose to take an external battery, which is very useful in these cases.

Plug adapters

However, be aware that this external battery needs to be charged. What to do if the plug of your hotel in China is not compatible with yours? If you did not foresee it, you are in a hurry. On the contrary, if you think about it before you travel, you can get an excellent plug adapter. They are cheap and ideal for traveling, and offer a wide range of possibilities: two or three feet, flat or round, inclined or straight. Find out before you travel so that you don't make any mistakes and keep a 0 and a battery. Also remember that for other appliances such as hair dryers or travel irons, it will also be essential to have this item.

The ecological and ergonomic alternative: the solar charger

Other ideas to avoid ending up with a weak and discharged battery? Yes, the solar charger. External batteries are fine, but if we don't have outlets nearby, there's not much we can do. Fortunately, there are now foldable solar chargers. A very light power pack that charges with the sun and can charge anything that can be connected via USB.

Essential accessories for long trips

For long trips, those of us who spend hours in planes and airports, there is no harm in having one of those travel kits with pillows and neck masks. It may sound silly, but the truth is that sleeping with your neck on your shoulders will only make your neck stiff and uncomfortable. In addition, you have to take into account the time changes, sleeping with the light is not pleasant either.

The stick and the art of selfie

Many of you have already had enough of selfies, but the truth is that they remain a very useful invention when we go on a trip. Think of how difficult it is to take a picture of your whole family or a group of friends together, and now add a monument behind it. This selfish stick will make your vacation completely immortalized.

Soap in your pocket

Tired of being left with your soap at the airport? You don't want to have to resort to the usual plastic bags and travel formats? We have the solution, soap sheets. Yes, they exist too. No more having to take the soap out at all air traffic controls, you can now have a small box full of sheets that fit in your hand and are as thin as paper. To use them, just wet them and rub them, a foamy soap will come out of them that will replace your regular bath gel. Better yet, these soaps come in a variety of forms, from shampoo to conditioner to shaving foam.
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