Is it safe to travel alone? Tips and reasons to get started

In the beginning, when it comes to traveling alone, many women are already afraid even before organizing the trip. After all, why be so afraid? How do women feel when they think about traveling alone? Basically, the trip is already sensational. But traveling alone can be even more enjoyable. That's because traveling alone can give you incredible and differentiated experiences. Even though it may seem intimidating, the idea can be incredible and liberating. It's also because in addition to the freedom, you will feel a mixture of enriching emotions. Moreover, this idea can be transformed into empowerment and independence. Even with this idea, you will leave behind your insecurity, your dependence on someone and your fear. You will therefore embark on an adventure with your only business. Above all, it is important to emphasize that even though it is very liberating, you still need to follow certain precautions and instructions for travelers. For example, get information about the destination, have the necessary documents, make financial arrangements and book the place of stay in advance. In addition, you are encouraged to seek out as much information as possible about where you are going. Above all, open your mind and let yourself go. Because you can and it's worth it. Deep down, the whole world is waiting to be explored by you.

1. Choose the destination

You have probably already thought about or chosen a specific location. Above all, before you choose, think carefully about your intentions, why you want to go there and what you want to know about the place. Indeed, the right choice comes from the options that each destination can offer you. For example, if you want to study, some countries offer you more options, possibilities, and advantages for studying. Now, if you are looking for places to have fun and learn about cultures, you will also have specific countries and cities for that. So the secret is to choose wisely.

2. Plan a few details in advance

A priori, do not confuse freedom with disorder. Above all, to travel alone, you need maturity and organization. Also because you have to save up so that you don't run out of money during the trip. Even one of the advices is to always take a little more money than expected. Also, as with any trip, it is recommended to look for plane tickets as soon as possible. If possible, two months in advance. This will give you a better chance of finding lower fares.

3. Don't forget your documents

This is, of course, one of the main pieces of advice. Because, even to go around the corner, they recommend that you take your documents with you, even more so if it is an international trip. Therefore, check in advance which documents will be needed for your destination. Also always try to have a certified copy of the documentation for possible loss or theft.

4. Make sure that your stay is in a safe and secure place.

First of all, the best way to check if this hotel or hostel is really reliable is to read the comments and reports of people who have stayed there before. Even try to pay attention to the comments of women. That way, you will have a better perception and safety of the place.

5. Make a local friend

A priori, because you are alone, the possibility of making new friendships becomes greater. However, if you can't make friends, there are websites and applications on the Internet that help you communicate with people in your chosen destination. It is worth a try. In addition, there are also websites that can help you and offer you opportunities to stay in indigenous homes. It can be important to meet the locals, as they can help you plan your tourist itinerary and they can also be good friends to exchange ideas and experiences.

6. Know the local language

First of all, if you are going to travel to another country, for your safety, it is preferable that you have at least a basic knowledge of the local language. You may also need to ask residents for information.

7. If you don't want to feel lonely, stay in a hostel.

If you are already tired of being alone, or if you want to meet new people, the advice is to stay at the hostel. In these places you will have many experiences, in addition to meeting people from different countries and cultures. However, it is essential that you take care of yourself and your belongings.

8. Have a phone handy

Always think about the future. In other words, always be prepared to face any problem. Therefore, try to have useful phones in your purse, or on your cell phone, or in your hand. For example, it is important to have the contacts of the ambassador or the local police, as well as your personal contacts, such as the number of your relatives.

9. Know how to manage your money

This advice is extremely important. Always be conscious and careful when spending your money. So don't spend like crazy during your first week of travel, stay calm and concentrate. It is therefore advisable to plan well and always keep some spare change with you. Also, if you are traveling abroad, look for the information you need. For example, where to buy dollars, or euros, or what to do to use credit cards in the country you are going to. So, orient yourself and chase after as much information as possible. And of course, don't spend all your money on bullshit. Yes, you don't know what might happen the next day.

10. Try to take as little as possible

Talking to some women to take little is almost useless, isn't it? However, in this case, if you are part of the team that wants to take the whole wardrobe for the trip, you will have to change this habit. Even if you have to be objective and try to take only what is really useful to you. The more you carry, the harder it will be for you to carry your suitcase and risk paying extra weight at the airport. Even if you are a backpacker, the lighter your bag is, the more convenient and easy it will be to carry.

10 reasons to travel alone :

A priori, there are many advantages and reasons why you travel alone. The top ten reasons are listed below. The intention is to give you courage and help you make this trip alone. 1. It is not necessary to schedule your schedule with someone else's. First of all, have you ever travelled with friends? If so, then you probably stopped meeting, visiting or hanging out at a place you wanted at some point, didn't you? So that's the first reason you travel alone. In other words, traveling alone is totally liberating. Well, you can sleep until you feel like it, you can meet this famous museum any day you want, you can drink that beer until you feel comfortable. You don't have to wait until someone else is available. Above all, you also need organization. Without organization, you risk spending more money than you should, or spoiling your initial planning. And if that happens, your whole trip could fall apart. So know how to manage that freedom, too.

2. It's safe to travel alone

This is probably one of the most difficult obstacles for women to overcome. Even insecurity and fear are one of the reasons they give up travelling alone. Above all, it is important for you to understand that risks exist everywhere, and that they will be the same everywhere. So the advice for you is to always try to stay calm. And of course, try to follow the traditional advice common to all travelers. For example, always carry your documents with you, write down useful phone numbers and stay in places you can trust. In addition to this care, you should also pay attention to local cultures. For example, some countries with an Arabic culture require local behaviors that must be obeyed while there. So you must respect and obey these traditions.

3. You dictate the pace of the trip

As you may have noticed, what you will feel most when you travel alone is freedom. Basically, when you travel alone, you don't just rely on your presence, you also plan your tours according to your preferences. Even this is very different from traveling with other people and traveling alone. Because when you are alone, you can dictate the itinerary according to what suits you best. In other words, you will probably enjoy your trip more.

4. You absorb more of the local culture

Basically, it's because when you're alone, you end up observing details that might go unnoticed if you were with someone else. Even if you're alone, you begin to pay attention to everything you see around you. Above all, the process of immersion in the local culture is much deeper when you are alone.

5. Increased likelihood of making friends

Above all, when you are alone, the chances of meeting new people, and even people who, like you, travel alone, increase. This fact decreases even when you are accompanied or with family groups, because being accompanied generally reduces the likelihood of meeting new people.

6. It is a time totally dedicated to you

A priori, traveling alone is a way to find oneself. Basically, this travel time is a time that belongs only to you, a time where you recharge your batteries, and also a time where you devote yourself only to your desires. This is why it can be even more important to travel alone. Because everyone needs this time away from everything and everyone.

7. Unusual Experiences

Basically, when you are with someone, you may want to eat a typical local dish, or you may want to visit a very eccentric place. However, sometimes the person you are with can discourage you and eventually make you change your mind. The result: you don't eat and you don't know what you wanted. So when you are alone, you dictate what you are going to eat or do is just yourself. In other words, you have no chance to get discouraged or feel insecure. You will always do what you want.

8. You detach yourself without worry

Exactly, you don't care if the person you're with is going to like your plan. That is, you take initiatives that you didn't even know existed, you take liberties that you may not even have known existed. In addition, you create the courage to dance in this "crazy" way, as if no one was watching. And that's where the magic lies, you have fun with yourself and everything for your well-being, your will and of course your happiness.

9. Travelling alone helps to change reality

Basically, the reality we're talking about is exactly the one you live in. The one you hear, this woman walking alone is dangerous, this woman must be accompanied by a man to be safe. Thus, traveling alone can be a way to break taboos. Also, by traveling alone, you can show this society that women can and do live and have fun alone. Therefore, the braver and more courageous women will be, the more the world will open doors for you. And, of course, enjoy the pleasure of meeting new cultures, new places and new people.

10. You Can

A priori, if someone has told you that you cannot travel alone, because you are a woman and it is dangerous to go alone, remember that you can. In fact, you can and you get everything you want. Therefore, show this feminine power that you have within you, and show that you are not inferior because of your gender. __________
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