6 experiences that every traveler should have in the United States

With family, lovers, friends or even in a group, a trip to the United States is something you should do at least once in your life. A trip to the USA sells dreams, experience the American lifestyle during your stay. In such a vast country, many places can be visited. With its incredible variety of landscapes, with mountains, canyons and fantastic waterfalls, the USA arouses the curiosity of every traveler. Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Florida... Several cities are waiting to be visited in this great country. But which destination should you choose when booking your trip to North America? Find out what are the best travel experiences for the United States, in order to help you have the best answer and make the best choice for your stay or vacation in America.

New York Tours

The best starting point for travel in the United States is undoubtedly to travel to New York. Because, indeed, nothing is better than starting in the city that "never sleeps". An unforgettable American experience is a visit to Liberty Island. The Statue of Liberty has its eyes turned to Europe, ready to welcome the "new Americans". The island has a fast and comfortable ferry that takes tourists from Manhattan to Liberty Island and during the trip it is possible to be transported in a time travel. It is also obligatory to visit one of the most emblematic places in the world: Times Square, with its posters, light screens, sounds and street animations that make us believe we are inside a movie. In Times Square are some of the most emblematic stores and - of course - Broadway! Broadway is also indispensable, with Late Night Shows and musicals filling the landscape. If you're looking for more affordable prices, buy your ticket well in advance. Of course, visiting emigrant neighborhoods such as Chinatown, Little Italy, Koreatown is a great tour, to be absolutely integrated in your tour, but visiting Queens for a break and shopping in the famous shopping malls is simply wonderful.

Let the magic of Orlando bewitch you.

Sunny Florida! Florida is home to the largest theme parks in the United States. Orlando hosts Disney World and Universal Park, or the famous Harry Potter park. Orlando is the ideal place for a family stay. What can you do in Orlando? You can visit Disney and Universal in just one day while continuing to visit Sea World. Take advantage of the holiday season to see the parks dressed up with themes such as Halloween and Christmas. These are fantastic and memorable experiences. And for the rest of the year, alligator theme parks will provide a very American experience!

A cruise in Alaska

Close to Canada, in the far north, Alaska is one of the states to see imperatively. With immaculate white landscapes, it offers travelers an extraordinary adventure. A different experience in the United States is a visit to Alaska. As the northernmost state, Alaska has a unique flora and fauna. A cruise in the icy Alaskan Sea will offer you a magical view. Imagine a sublime boat ride along the monumental glaciers. In addition, Alsaka has many protected parks and museums, such as the Fairbanks Ice Museum, which explore the relationship between nature and man.

Take a trip back in time to Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a must for history buffs. In Boston, they can follow in the footsteps of the first settlers. Emblematic and deeply rooted in the origins of the United States, Boston will be an extraordinary experience. And if you're looking for another trip to America and want to discover the scariest things, a stop in Salem is a must on your tour. Famous for the Salem Witch Trials, the city lives from various places connected to history. There is no shortage of haunted houses and museums dedicated to the famous witches. It will give you goose bumps, but it's worth it.

California, a journey through the cinema

The great California! The home of Los Angeles and San Francisco! Perhaps the most famous walk in the world takes place in Los Angeles, on the famous slope where the sign of Hollywood still marks the horizon. Visiting the Walk of Fame and looking for the sign of your favorite actor is memorable. LA, as it is called, is inseparable from cinema. A visit to the most famous studios is therefore inevitable: visit Universal Studios and admire the original sets of Hollywood's most famous movies. And of course, once in Los Angeles, a little gastronomic trip to taste typical American dishes must be on your list. After this fantastic visit, don't forget San Francisco, famous for the Golden Gate and the pike streets. Climbing the steep streets of the streetcars is an emblematic passage, as is the tasting of the food of the soul of the region, which is very much appreciated. Parks and gardens dot the city and become ideal rest areas for tired tourists. Then rest in luxurious hotels, worthy of a real American movie.

Nevada: from nature walks to an evening of games!

Nevada's most famous city is perhaps the most vibrant... Las Vegas. If animation is the watchword of your trip, you can't miss visiting the world's biggest casinos. There will be hours of sleep and you will witness a frenetic pace of life. But it is also the ideal place for excursions into nature. Bridges and canyons mark the landscape, and a visit to Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, Golden Strike Canyon and - of course - Lee Canyon is a must. And if you have any doubts about the best route through the amazing United States of America, get inspired by this American tour and plan your trip now. Book your flights and fly to this great country to live the American dream.
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