Travelling to the United States: what to do in Los Angeles?

Travelling to Los Angeles is the dream of many travelers. In 2017 alone, the city of famous Hollywood movie and poster stars was visited by 48.3 million tourists. If you are one of them this year, you've come to the right place. Your travel insurance specialist for the United States has compiled the 10 best things to do in Los Angeles. Here are some things you can do in Los Angeles

Find your favorite celebrity's star by walking through the Walk of Fame

Searching and finding your favorite celebrity among the 2400+ is certainly one of the things to do in Los Angeles. You'll find hundreds of stars between Gower Street and La Brea Avenue and all along Vine Street between Sunset Street and Yucca. Also don't forget to visit the Rockwalk Wall where the greats of music are immortalized forever by their handprints. And finally, another must-see stop on the way down Hollywood Boulevard is a stop at the Dolby Theatre, the famous theater where the annual Oscars ceremony is held, more precisely at 6801.

 Lose yourself between the Beverly Hills mansions

Beverly Hills, the most famous district of Los Angeles, is home to rich celebrities. It is here that the great stars of film and music have their homes. Although in this neighborhood, the word "mansion" is sometimes a bit short. If, in your case, knowing the homes of celebrities is one of the things you do or need to see in Los Angeles, here are some suggestions for you, forget about group tours, rent a bike, download a map and have fun discovering Beverly Hills mansions for yourself.

Do "Escape" or not, on Rodeo Drive

There are not only big houses in Beverly Hills, but there are many stores. Thus, a third option with the must-see places to visit in Los Angeles is Rodeo Drive. Here we offer two equally fun options, your choice will depend a little on your pocket.

Take a walk and enjoy the atmosphere of the beach in Venice

If there is one place where you can see the large number of people of all styles living together in Los Angeles, it is in Venice Beach. Street performers come to this promenade in search of opportunity, and although at first glance it may not be the most beautiful beach to visit in Los Angeles, you can be assured that fun and entertainment will be totally assured. Finally, here is one more piece of advice that might help you, don't leave Venice beach without having tasted the famous corn on the cob with butter, mayonnaise and cheese, taste them because they are delicious.

Visit an amusement park

Los Angeles welcomes millions of visitors every year, who come to the city only to visit its best amusement parks. This is incredible, since Los Angeles is home to the first Disney park open in the world. Disneyland was built in 1955 and today it houses a total of 8 theme parks. Right next door, and to complete the whole, Disney California Adventure Park was opened in 2001 and has become in a very short time one of the most visited places in Los Angeles and all over the United States. But that's not all, if you like to visit amusement parks, you can't miss Universal Studios, Lego Land or the Six Flags and their famous Lex Luthor roller coaster, which has the highest vertical drop in the world. And don't forget that you're never too old to visit an amusement park.

Don't miss the sunset on the pier of Santa Monica

If there's one thing you shouldn't miss on your next trip to Los Angeles, it's watching the sunset from the Santa Monica Pier. Opened in 1909, this famous pier has been the setting for hundreds of movies during its 111-year history, including Forrest Gump and such famous series as The Beach Watchers. In addition, this famous pier is the arrival point for the famous Route 66.

Blur an image of the notorious Hollywood cartel

It's curious that a simple poster occupies a place in a list of the unpredictable to see in Los Angeles, especially since the famous Hollywood poster was originally a simple illuminated real estate advertisement. If you want to go and meet it, it is located in Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills district. Although currently and since 2000, it is fenced and guarded by the police. If you want to see it legally and with the best views of the city, you will have to keep reading this list.

Try one of L.A.'s most famous hot dogs at Pink's

If you are a fan of fast food but you also want to eat in a place full of history, we recommend Pink's, it has been open since 1939. It started with a small dog stand on the street and today is one of the most famous hot dog restaurants in Los Angeles. You will be surprised how their workers remember all their orders in advance, without forgetting anything, even if you order 5 hot dogs, 3 hamburgers, 3 potatoes and some onion rings they will memorize everything, they don't need to take notes.

Enjoy the spectacle of a Lakers game

Whether you like basketball or not, watching a Lakers game is a great experience. And even if you're sitting on the roof of the stadium with your ticket, enjoy the atmosphere around you. Finally, and very importantly, if the kissing camera is focused on you, kiss each other! If the camera of the dance is focused on you, dance!

Observe the stars in the City of Stars at Griffith Observatory

It would be a mistake to leave the Griffith Observatory out of this list of the best places to visit in Los Angeles. It doesn't matter if you are not interested in visiting the planetarium or not, if you want to take the best pictures of the Hollywood sign or if you want to have the best views of Los Angeles, you should come here. Out of curiosity, this observatory has the most visited telescope in the world. To make sure nothing spoils your trip to L.A., make sure you do it with a good policy. Take out IATI travel insurance now and enjoy your trip to the fullest. 
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