Changchun: a cosmopolitan city in China

Changchun is another one of the big cities you can know in China. Specifically, it is the capital of Jilin province, a cosmopolitan city where more than 30 different ethnic groups live, some of which are Mongolian, Manchu, Han or Hui.

The peculiarity of the city of Changchun

The city of "Eternal Spring", translation of Changchun, is a city with fairly recent constructions. Indeed, its importance only began at the end of the 19th century, when it became the terminal station of the Manchurian train. Thus, it is quite surprising its profile full of skyscrapers and large squares. Among the most remarkable historical monuments of the city is the Imperial Palace, for example. This large palace was the residence of the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty, Pu Yi. The last emperor before China became a republic. History shows that this figure was nothing more than a puppet of the so-called Manchu government. A puppet of the Japanese invaders of the time. For this reason, the palace is known as the Imperial Puppet Palace. Inside the palace, it is essential to visit the Imperial Manchu State Palace Museum. The exhibition space has an area of about 47,000 square meters, divided into three parts. The first one shows us the history of the colonial part. Another part is devoted to temporary exhibitions. In addition, the last of the areas is responsible for illustrating the life of the emperor and his concubines. It is also interesting to visit the Wenhua square, a very pleasant urban meeting place. Here, around it, we will find a number of historical buildings from the Manchu period. One of them is the New Palace of the Manchu Emperor, which was supposed to replace the Imperial Palace. There are also buildings such as the State Council and Military Affairs of Manchuria and other buildings affiliated with the present Jilin University. Another very interesting square is the one known as Plaza del Pueblo. This square commemorates the Russian soldiers who died trying to liberate Changchun during World War II. Today it is a very lively square, one of the most active points in the city.

Visiting parks in Changchun City

There are also large parks, ideal for a walk after visiting some of its most interesting monuments. Among them we highlight South Lake, a huge park with a lake. During the summer, this lake is full of locals who practice water sports. Moreover, during the winter the lake freezes, which shows us a romantic and quiet landscape. We also highlight the Jingyuetan National Forest Park, which is a little far from the city center, about 40 minutes, but its visit involves going to the largest artificial park in Asia. Undoubtedly a marvel that we cannot fail to visit. It should be noted that this park turns into an excellent ski slope during the winter. In addition, the city is in charge of creating authentic ice sculptures to welcome tourists. A magical world completely frozen. If we travel during a long stay, it is interesting to know for example that Beijing is about 8 hours away by car, as well as Dalian. Moreover, Jilin is only two hours away and Harbin and Shenyang are about four hours away. Therefore, in order to enjoy the tour, it is necessary to book accommodation in advance. It is also possible to take a private tour accompanied by a guide specialized in sightseeing. This private visit is charged according to the activities chosen.

Logement à Changchun City

Quant au logement, cette ville nous offre de nombreuses possibilités. Il existe plusieurs hôtels de haute qualité qui seront idéaux pendant le voyage dans cette ville. Selon le choix des clients, il a un style européen qui est déjà visible dans le hall de l'hôtel. Chaque hôtel dispose également de différents types de chambres, dont des suites présidentielles et des chambres de luxe. Il est toutefois essentiel de réserver dans les hôtels Changchun. Veuillez indiquer la date de votre séjour à l'hôtel. En ce qui concerne le moment idéal pour organiser un voyage dans cette ville, il n'est pas recommandé de partir en novembre - décembre ou octobre - novembre. Le climat est défavorable pendant cette période car l'humidité est très élevée. Il est cependant préférable de partir en juin. Pour organiser des voyages dans cette ville, réservez le vol de Changchun en faisant quelques recherches sur le site d'une agence pour plus d'informations. En effet, il est possible de faire la réservation en ligne pour bénéficier de ce circuit privé sur mesure. Certaines agences peuvent faire un circuit privé sur mesure à Changchun. Le client peut choisir une attraction pour cette visite, telle que le musée du palais impérial, le parc mondial de sculptures, etc. Toutefois, il est nécessaire d'indiquer son âge et le nombre maximum d'adultes et d'enfants afin de réserver la place pour le tour. Diverses activités sont proposées pendant la visite. Après la visite, l'agence s'occupera du transfert des clients à leur hôtel.
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