Hyderabad, India’s flagship tourist city

Travelling to India means visiting places full of charm and with surprising monuments such as Hyderabad. This tourist city of India is both peaceful and dynamic. The coexistence between Muslims, Christians and Hindus is harmonious and this over several centuries in a row. This town is also experiencing unprecedented economic development.

Hyderabad, cradle of tourism in India

Hyderabad is the capital of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and also of the state of Telangana. It has more than 4 million inhabitants. This makes it the fifth most populated city in India. Although it is a dynamic and lively city, the truth is that Hyderabad attracts attention for its cleanliness. It is a beautiful city with a long history. It offers the opportunity to visit many attractive monuments and thereby immerse oneself in a cultural atmosphere completely different from ours.

Historical and natural sites of Hyderabad are unmistakable.

The most important monument in Hyderabad is the Sharminar. It is an imposing building that also serves as a mosque and ceremonial gate. It was built in 1591. This triumphal arch with arches surmounted by minarets has become one of the icons of Hyderdabad. It is also one of the most important and famous buildings in all India. The mosque, located on the upper floor, has 45 prayer rooms and offers panoramic views of the city. Other landmark historical sites in Hyderabad include the city palaces, Chowmahalla Palace, Falaknuma Palace and Purani Haveli. All these palaces are well preserved over time. Their decoration has remained authentic and particularly splendid. We cannot forget the natural areas either. Hyderabad has an infinite number of parks and gardens including Baag-e-Aam, Sanjeeviaiah, Lumbini and Indira Park.

Visit the famous Golconda Fort

Only 11 kilometers from the city is the Golconda Fort, which is a must during a visit to Hyderabad. It is a completely abandoned fortress city, built on a granite hill about 120 meters high. Here is a visit which promises to be exciting! This historical place was built in 1143, when the Hindu dynasty of Kakatiya was in charge of governing this region of India. The truth is that in the course of its history, from about 1512, this place was established as an independent kingdom. However, the troops of Aurangzeb, emperor in 1687, managed to take the place. It should be noted, however, that the fortress town of Golconda has stoically suffered two prolonged sieges by the Moguls.

Hyderabad, a flourishing technological city

It is important to note that Hyderabad is one of the most technologically important cities. This city is indeed the headquarters of a center of reputation dedicated to technological industries namely HITEC City or Cyberabad.  Between two visits, it is possible to go to an area where there is a market for the purchase of souvenirs.

Authentic flavors and delight of the taste buds in Hyderabad

Among the must-sees during a stay in Hyderabad City is the gastronomy. The cuisine of this locality is tasty and authentic. Tourists and vacationers will be able to enjoy traditional dishes such as biryani, based on rice, meat and spices, and one of the most famous of the city.

Prestigious accommodation for a most pleasant stay in Hyderabad

As for the hotel offer, given the growth that Hyderabad is experiencing at the tourist level, it is quite rich and varied. It is possible to opt for the hotel The Park Hyderabad, an extraordinary 5 star hotel located in the center of the city. This hotel has a very modern design, both in its facade and in the decoration of the rooms. Another excellent accommodation in India Hyderabad is the Itc Kakatiya Hyderabad hotel. This is a five star hotel. A true luxury hotel with modern facilities just north of the city center, on the shores of the beautiful Hussain Sagar Lake. These include the services of the outdoor swimming pool and a relaxing spa, as well as a gastronomic selection of Indian and international cuisine. Finally, there is the Radisson Blu Plaza Hyderabad Banjara Hills Hotel, another 5-star establishment located just a few meters from the center. It is a luxurious hotel with new facilities and excellent spa service, an outdoor swimming pool and two restaurants.
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