How to prepare a child’s suitcase for a skiing vacation?

Dressing well during the vacations is very important. For the winter vacations, it is necessary to prepare your luggage well, especially concerning the clothes and the essential accessories for the children and baby. Whether you are going to the mountains for hiking or skiing, you must bring clothes adapted for children. The wheeled suitcase is a better solution for traveling because it is rigid. There are different sizes available. For children's suitcases, there are various colors (pink or blue, etc) and patterns, as a snow queen suitcase or a Disney suitcase.

Technical clothing to pack for the snow

The first thing to think about when packing your children's snow suitcase is their underwear. This will be the first layer your children will wear and it is the one that will be in contact with the skin. It is essential that the underwear fits snugly, is comfortable and dries quickly. Prepare a long-sleeved T-shirt and possibly technical pants to wear directly under the ski suit. For the T-shirt, you prefer high collars. Consider taking one coin a day for hours on the snow. A good idea to save space is to take a complete change every other day for the evening. By complete change I mean shirt, sweater and pants. The "normal clothes" will actually use them a few hours a day and will be reusable for me from one day to the next. In order not to leave anything to chance, please note that the ski suit is to be taken in case you are a real skier or just want to go bobbing or walking on the snow. The ski suit will allow your children to maintain their body temperature and not get wet. Socks should be chosen to keep the foot warm for as long as possible. On the market, you will find technical socks that are not too thick but with a high level of thermal efficiency. Give up the idea of making children wear two socks to increase thermal performance, you will only make things worse by increasing the cold of their feet. Avoid cotton as a material for socks and other snow clothing. Cotton is an absorbent material that retains moisture. Gloves should be waterproof and able to keep hands warm for a long time. Also bring an extra pair of gloves, if possible made of fleece, for walks in the village, alternating with technical gloves. Caps, scarves and neck warmers are essential. Neck warmers are a good alternative to scarves, which save space. If your children are skiing, don't forget your helmet (obligatory until the age of 14), your balaclava and your mask.

Dress in layers on the snow: here's what you should take with you

In the mountains, the first gift to never forget is to dress up as an onion. The weather is extremely variable and the outside temperatures are much lower than those inside the huts and restaurants (an everyday must on snow). So pack your suitcase and put comfortable clothes on top of each other so they can be easily put on and taken off. It's always better to wear more light clothing than a few heavy ones, you'll have more choices. It is advisable to wear clothing that offers good thermal protection, such as fleece with a high collar. It is not too thick so as not to impede the circulation of children. Last but not least, this is what will protect them from snow, rain and wind. The classic ski suit made up of a jacket and pants. If you prefer a two-part ski suit rather than a complete one for the little ones at home, it will make it easier for you to change diapers and take a pee break.

The essential accessories in the children's snow suitcase

Snow boots or après-ski boots are essential. Add spare shoes to use at the hotel (sneakers or lighter boots) and a pair of shower boots (also for an alternative afternoon at the pool). Don't forget a swimsuit in the suitcase because the swimming pool break is always part of the program during the ski week. In the toiletry and make-up kit, you must put the bare minimum and essential items during the stay, such as protective sun cream and lipstick to be applied daily on the children's skin. Sunglasses: necessary to protect oneself from the sun's rays which are very strong at high altitude. Always choose those that offer a high degree of UV protection. Now that you have all the information you need to make a great snow suitcase for you and your children, just load everything into the car and don't forget skis, boots, snowshoes or possibly a nice bobsleigh. All this can also be rented at any ski resort. For children, renting can also be an economical choice. Children grow up every year, so you will have to change boots and skis according to their growth. Therefore, only rent them for the days of your stay. To find the ideal suitcase for a snow vacation, there is a website kit or web bag to find suitcase set products. Specialized trolley suitcase stores offer online promotions according to the range or design chosen by the customer. The price of the suitcase depends on the size chosen by the buyer, because there are all sizes. There are also trolley bags for men or women. Thus, the cabin luggage or cabin wheels is a better solution to carry the children's clothes during their winter vacations. It is very resistant. For this reason, the trolley wheels can be put in the hold. Wheeled suitcases are easy to handle for children. 
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