6 countries to visit for trekking lovers

Walking in nature gives you this incredible connection that gives you the opportunity to be in the here and now in a very intense way. Going out for a walk once in a while is, for many, an incredible remedy for enjoying the environment, freeing yourself from stress and at the same time exercising and toning up your body. Did you know that more and more travelers are looking for, besides great monuments, beaches or incredible cities, itineraries that will allow them to get to know the most beautiful corners of the world? Thanks to this article, you will be taken to some of the best countries to go trekking that will steal your heart. Put on comfortable shoes, take some water, a hat for the sunset and a good travel insurance for the trekking, you start walking.

1. New Zealand

New Zealand is an impressive natural paradise that overflows with beauty around every corner. Its landscapes are so varied that in a few kilometers you can go from the beach to a glacier, from there to an impressive rainforest and then to the top of a volcano. No wonder Peter Jackson chose this place as a setting to recreate the wonderful world that JRR Tolkien created for the Lord of the Rings universe. New Zealand is an ideal trekking destination and has hundreds of fully prepared routes for the trekker. One of the favorites is the "Tongariro Alpine Crossing", a beautiful hike of about 20 kilometers that will take you about 5 to 6 hours to surround the Ngauruhoe volcano and visit the beautiful emerald lakes. In New Zealand, there are also 10 treks known as "Great Walks", so beautiful and unique that many travelers visit the country just to make one. The Routeburn trail, the Kepler trail and the Milford trail are three of the most popular, but you must keep in mind that you must book for all these trails in advance as places and dates are limited. The country's trekking route par excellence, and one of the most famous in the world, is the "Circuit Torres del Paine W". The shape that the trekking draws on the map names this impressive itinerary which has in the Mirador las Torres its most famous postcard, with the enormous granite monsters presiding over the horizon. The estimated time in which the 71 kilometers of Chile's famous trekking is usually completed is between 4 and 5 days and requires a minimum physical fitness to face the most difficult sections without problems. The best time to do the Torres del Paine trekking is between November and March, when temperatures are higher and are more likely to coincide with good weather conditions.

2. Nepal

Nepal is undeniably the preferred terrain for trekking enthusiasts. For those who are not afraid of heights, among the legendary treks: the ascent of Mount Everest. And it is in Nepal that you have to go to reach the base camp located at 5 545 m. However, you can also measure yourself against the Himalayas from India or Pakistan, the starting point of an unforgettable 15-day hike that will take you to the summit of K2, which is 8,611 m high. For many travelers, Nepal is synonymous with "trekking paradise", as some of its most famous trails take you almost to the sky of the world and there are options for hikers of almost all levels. Trekking to Everest Base Camp is one of the most popular, and all those who manage to complete it return with a bag full of intense emotions and unforgettable memories at the foot of the highest mountain in the world. The Annapurna circuit is a real challenge for the body and mind that leaves a deep impression on anyone who is encouraged to discover it. Starting from the village of Besisahar, at a little over 750 meters above sea level, it will take you for about 12 to 13 days to more than 5,000 meters through small villages where the inhabitants will welcome you with a big smile and where the Himalayas will offer you one of the greatest visual spectacles of your life. Once you complete the tour in the beautiful Pokhara, nothing will be the same.

3. Bhutan

Bhutan, as you were told in the article "What to do in Bhutan", is one of the favorite countries. Travelling there is like taking a time machine and entering the history of the Kingdom of Happiness 500 years ago. It is an ideal country for those who are looking for something different, little or not at all overwhelmed by tourism, open, hospitable and of course, it is also a country for trekking since it is located at the foot of the Himalayas. Here you will find trekking itineraries for all tastes and levels, but there is one that makes all the fame and photos: the Tiger Nest trekking. This beautiful trek consists of a continuous ascent until reaching 3,100 meters of altitude, where the Taktshang Monastery is located. This beautiful temple hides inside incredible legends about a monk who arrived there on the back of a great tiger, but this is not the most incredible. What will really amaze you is the way the Tiger's Nest was built by being "suspended" on the edge of a cliff, but Bhutan is much more than that and offers much more varied trekking plans. Medium difficulty itineraries such as the Gangtey Trek, which will take you across one of the country's glaciers for three days, or the demanding Snowman Trek, which will test your endurance for 25 days, passing through places where very few dare to venture: the Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca, the cool districts of Lima, the biodiversity of the Ballestas Islands.

4. Peru

There is a lot to do in Peru, but, as you know, its most famous icon is Machu Picchu. Trekking enthusiasts in the different countries they visit are lucky, because it is possible to get there by taking one of the most mystical routes: the Inca Trail. This magnificent itinerary of about 40 kilometers, which starts from the outskirts of Cusco and passes through humid jungles and peaks of almost 4,000 meters, will give you the opportunity to visit small Inca towns and ruins that only those who choose to do this trek can reach. The Inca Trail is an overwhelming experience that will take you to Machu Picchu in 2 to 4 days, full of energy and memories that you will never forget. That's why it is one of the best countries in the world for trekking.

5. The Rocky Mountain region

The Rocky Mountain region is one of the most recommended places to "get lost", as hundreds of small and large roads leave from here that will give you a taste of Canadian nature. Banff, Yoho and Jasper National Parks are three of your favourites and are sure to take your breath away, both during the day, when you walk along the shores of their lakes, and when night falls and you see the brutal spectacle of the Milky Way in the sky. It's not uncommon to come across a grizzly in this area, so be sure to ask before you meet one. Make your trek with the best protection. Whatever your level and the type of trek you choose, the possibility of needing medical assistance will always be present. In a case like this, it is vitally important to have good travel insurance with coverage for the trek, so that you can be taken care of as quickly as possible, with the best quality and without having to pay the enormous costs of a rescue in such complex terrain as the ones we have just shown you.

6. Canada

The other adventure destination, another atmosphere. This time it is in Canada that you are suggested to go. On land or on the water, you will live an adventurous life during your stay. From trekking in the heart of the National Park of Canada to observe bears and admire exceptional nature to canoe trips on the Mattawin River, you will love your stay. Between two trips, settle down on a site for a bivouac far from everything and simply enjoy this gentle way of life.
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