Italy: a weekend visit to Florence

Florence is probably one of the most beautiful destinations for lovebirds in Italy. In fact, it is probably one of the most spectacular cities in the world. A place where walking becomes a pleasure. A city where art is present on every corner. A weekend trip to Florence is possible. However, you must take into account that the cultural variety and the heritage that you must see in Florence are very important. This means that when you spend two days in Florence you have to choose very well what you can and must see. We propose a simple and quite complete itinerary.

First day in Florence

The first day can be very full. You can visit one of the most important museums in the world, the Academy Gallery. It is the place where Michelangelo's famous David is kept. Please note that in this case it is advisable to buy your tickets in advance. If you don't want to lose time in the queues, it's better. Also, the earlier you make the visit, the more time you will have in front of you to see more. After this essential visit, you can go to Plaza del Duomo. This is where you will find the cathedral of Florence or Duomo. It's a real wonder all this space, because right in front of the cathedral doors is the Battistery of San Giovanni, with its striking Gates of Paradise. You can enter the Duomo to go up to the dome. Inside, in addition to admiring Brunelleschi's paintings up close, you can discover the double dome and the upper part of the cathedral, with views that will leave you breathless. The morning is dedicated to churches, since the next stop is the famous and unmissable church of Santa Croce. It is an impressive construction. A beautiful Franciscan church that is also the largest in the world. Inside there are many tombs of the most varied and famous personalities. If you thought you were going to rest, it is not so clear. After tasting the delights of one of the city's restaurants, you should go to one of the most important art galleries in the world, the famous Uffizi Gallery. As in the case of the Academy, it is best to book your tickets first. All the more so if you take into account that you will be coming in the afternoon. This visit is a must, because inside you will be able to admire works on a par with Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael and Titian.

Second day in Florence

On the second day, there is also a lot to see. You can start at Palazzo Vecchio. It is a beautiful building with an interior that makes you open your eyes like a plate. It has long served as a residence and workplace for the court of Florence. If you continue walking around the city, you can reach another of its most important points, the one known as the Ponte Vecchio. This construction allows, from several angles, an image that no tourist can miss. A colorful bridge with its integrated houses, a landscape as curious as it is typical of the city. Are you one of those who are looking for the best viewpoints to take panoramic pictures? Don't forget Michelangelo Square. You can get there by bus and then walk to the Ponte Vecchio. You have a lot to see, but you can choose the Museo Nazionale del Bragello, an interesting place to admire the best Italian sculptures from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century, or visit places like the Church of Santa Maria Novella, a temple that is smaller than all the previous ones but worth it. Otherwise, if you have time to waste, it is better to get lost in these streets full of magic. Streets that will give you palaces, pizzerias where you can taste the best pizzas in the world or ice-cream parlours with those ice creams that only Italians know how to make.
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