Trips in the Balkans: the best destinations to visit

Travelling during the coldest seasons can be romantic, exciting and allows you to discover unique landscapes painted in different fall colors, and enjoy tourist destinations with even more peace of mind. If even the cold doesn't keep you awake, discover the Balkan region, and some of the trips we offer this season. The temperate climate of the Mediterranean and these regions allows you to visit them even in autumn while enjoying outdoor excursions. Several countries make up the Balkan Peninsula, each with its own charm... Discover the best honeymoon destinations and also some original tours that include unique cultural activities and that we recommend you to discover the most exciting places in the Balkans.


There are many reasons to go to Bosnia. On the one hand, it is a destination that is still little explored, allowing you to visit unique attractions without crowds, and on the other hand, it is a country full of historical and natural heritage. From the wonderful medieval monuments to the cities that are true open-air museums, the country is a cultural symbiosis between the west and the east, which is reflected in its cities, customs and way of being. And all this in a breathtaking natural landscape and delicious cuisine. If you were curious to visit Bosnia, you may know that it is possible to get to know this country on a roadmap through Bosnia and other Balkan countries.


Bulgaria is another Balkan country worth visiting: historic cities, unique architecture, places of great natural beauty, such as the rose fields that are as far as the eye can see, and the coastal regions near the Black Sea, are just some of the attractions that you can discover during an exciting trip full of surprises. There are several cultural tours throughout Bulgaria where you can get to know this and other countries, full of authentic activities, unique landscapes and many things to discover.


Croatia is one of the Balkan countries that has gained many fans of tourism in recent years. Sought after in summer thanks to its heavenly beaches, it is a country that has a lot to discover all year round. From picturesque cities full of historical interest to nature parks with their waterfalls and magical places to discover, there are exciting itineraries in Croatia that you can combine with other destinations in the Balkans. You won't want to miss them.


Slovenia is one of the treasures of the Balkans, still unknown to many, but full of charms. Unique and unspoilt natural landscapes, wonderful monuments and a culture full of exciting historical traditions and influenced by other cultures, this is an unexplored destination. Explore Slovenia and get to know the capital and the picturesque cities, which have a lot to discover. Discover a unique sightseeing tour through Slovenia and other Balkan countries, which includes cultural activities and unique experiences that give you a more global view of each country.


Small country but source of inspiration, Macedonia is another "hidden jewel" of the Balkan region. From the capital, known as the most kitsch city in Europe with replicas of some of the famous European monuments, revolutionized by color and urban art, to the mosques representing the different cultural influences of the country, not forgetting the natural beauty of its waterfalls and gorges, Macedonia offers a wide variety of landscapes and environments in a relatively small territory. Discover the most emblematic places during a tour of Macedonia and the Balkans and let yourself be seduced by this treasure still to be discovered.


Recognized as the cradle of Western civilization, Greece is one of the must-see destinations on the Balkan Peninsula and a country you should visit if you are planning a trip to this region. Dare to discover unique cultural attractions, wonderful landscapes and picturesque islands. Let yourself be seduced by the traditions, gastronomy and history of the country, in one of the many cultural itineraries through Greece that offer you the opportunity to get to know the most emblematic places of the country and combine them also with other destinations.


The youngest country in Europe, located on the Adriatic coast, is still unknown to many people. But it is a destination with well-guarded treasures and that is why you should include it in your Balkan trip. The capital embodies a unique contrast between the historical and the modern, as the entire city was rebuilt after the Second World War, retaining some monuments that contrast with all the more recent buildings. The natural parks with their wonderful lakes and medieval monuments are other popular attractions. If you are curious about this country, dare to explore it on a cultural tour of Montenegro, where you can get to know other equally exciting countries.


Serbia is a unique country and still has a lot to explore. Besides the capital Belgrade - famous for its picturesque streets, temples and synagogues, typical architecture and bohemian side with the Danube as a backdrop - the country also has 5 natural parks filled with dense forests, unspoiled lakes and wonderful landscapes to discover. And to discover all this and much more, we offer you a unique tourist tour in Serbia and other countries of the Balkan Peninsula that you will enjoy. A trip to the Balkans is a unique experience not to be missed. Full of as yet unknown treasures, this region is a box of surprises and allows for a very enriching trip, both culturally, historically and in terms of nature tourism. Let yourself be inspired and let yourself be carried away by the charms of these destinations on your next trip.
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