South Africa: Climate, Weather and Travel Guide

South Africa is a flagship destination, a country of a thousand wonders. Nevertheless, you will need to inform yourself about this beautiful country before leaving France to avoid any inconvenience: the season, accommodation, means of transport, etc. Everything must be well organized so that your trip to South Africa does not turn into a nightmare!

What is the ideal season to go to South Africa?

The seasons are reversed, if we refer to Europe. Summer, the hottest time is between November and March. While autumn starts in April and ends in May, winter is between June and August. And spring is from September to October. But there can be some differences for each region. But in general, the climate is almost warm all year round! To go to this dream destination, you have to define what you want to do there. Because your program depends entirely on the season. If you plan to go to the beach and enjoy the sun, it is better to go in summer. For safaris and skiing, winter is the ideal season!

What are the necessary preparations?

Currently, you have the possibility to have a direct flight from France. This will avoid you to make stopovers. As far as formalities are concerned, a French person must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after the departure date. And the maximum period to stay there is 3 months. It is no longer necessary to have a visa. To get around, car rental is the best option, even if it costs a little more than cabs and public transportation. In a car, you can enjoy your stay and explore the incredible sites of the country in complete safety. When it comes to accommodation, there are a multitude of choices. But it depends on the comfort you are looking for and your budget. In any case, book your hotel before your departure.

Some essential sites

South Africa is full of unique wildlife. It is the ideal place to practice safari. Nature lovers will marvel at exploring the country's nature reserves and parks. You should not miss the Kruger Park and Umfolozi to admire the giraffes. The most beautiful beaches in the surrounding area are at the Wild Coast, where you can swim safely. For those who are looking for a sporting activity, drop by Knysna for surfing. Alternatively, you can go sailing to contemplate the turquoise water. These are just a few glimpses of what awaits you in this paradise. But you can also go hiking, canyoning, rafting, car rides for a total change of scenery, etc.
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