Staying in Morocco: must-see destinations and travel tips

Morocco is one of the places that every person should visit at least once in his or her life. Traveling to Morocco from Spain is wonderful if you are looking for an exotic destination just around the corner. Its proximity makes it an excellent proposition for an adventure trip, for a romantic trip and for a unique experience.

Adapt the places to visit according to the season

All seasons of the year are pleasant for a visit to Morocco. Although it is recommended to travel in spring and autumn, the months between April and June and during the months of September and October, when the heat is not so strong is ideal. In this period of spring and autumn, the temperatures are very pleasant and are perfect for an excellent appreciation of the cities. In addition, if one wants to make excursions to the mountains, the months of May and September are without a doubt the best months of the year. While the months of July and August, during the summer period, can be ideal for a vacation at the beach on the coast, not for visiting inland places. Indeed, in this period, the heat that one can find there is stifling. You can also practice all kinds of water sports and adventure sports such as: sailing, widsurfing, diving, surfing, kitesurfing, etc.

Discover exceptional coastal destinations

Among the best coastal destinations in Morocco, we distinguish : - The beaches of Agadir where you can practice many water sports while enjoying the landscape on an extraordinary camel ride. - The beach of Esaouira where you can see how local fishermen and boat builders work. - The beach of Tangier, in the Strait of Gibraltar. - The beach of Legzira, a fine sandy beach with strong waves and a hangover. It is distinguished by the enormous arches of reddish sandstone rocks that look like the legs of a dinosaur.

Enjoy a rich and unique gastronomy

Its cuisine is very rich, with Andalusian, French and especially Arabic influences. Among the main dishes, all of which are delicious and must be tasted, is the Moroccan tajin which is made with lamb with dates. There is also the typical bread that is made by the Khubz women. You can also taste the Moroccan soup, the typical and delicious salads as well as all kinds of sweets such as honey and almond cookies. Don't miss also the couscous with chicken and grilled vegetables, etc. For your information, Moroccans usually end their meal with a glass of tea mixed with fresh mint leaves and sugar.

Explore the places the tourist destinations of Morocco

Interesting places include cities with labyrinthine medinas, deserts with large dunes, arid landscapes, fishing villages, etc. All those who visit Morocco should also visit : - Visit Marrakech, the city of palaces, markets, gardens, mosques. Here, the Jamaa el Fna square evokes a medieval past full of curiosities. - Roads of the Kasbahs which are cities built of adobe, decorated with simple geometric patterns representing the Berber culture. A unique place where movies such as Gladiator or the Game of Thrones series were shot. Spending the night in a tent in the middle of the desert under a starry night is something unforgettable. - Fez which is a city with labyrinthine streets, whose most remarkable place is the Chouwara tannery, a show of perfumes and colors. It has the oldest Medina in the Islamic world. - Chaouen or blue city which is considered the most beautiful city in Morocco. - The Gorges of Dad├Ęs and Todra, where you can admire its spectacular landscapes. - Essaouira or called the Pearl of the Atlantic. It is one of the most beautiful places in Morocco. The medina, where you can buy excellent handicrafts and enjoy tasty fish and seafood, is exceptional. - The waterfalls of Ouzoud with waterfalls of more than 100 meters. They are the most spectacular in Morocco. During the walk, we will be able to enjoy the presence of some curious inhabitants, such as monkeys. - Volubilis, the best preserved Roman site in North Africa. - Meknes, a beautiful old city full of souks and magical places.
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