What are the best destinations for Easter?

Treating yourself to a trip abroad during the Easter period is an idea that appeals to so many families. For the next Easter, you are probably planning to leave for a dream place. Here are 5 best plans abroad, favorites that are sure to please you.  


Just over an hour from Spain, you can travel to "another world" that you are not used to, Easter travel destination: Morocco. You can enjoy its people, put your boots on with its gastronomy and know what to say about its nature that is within everyone's reach: mountain, desert, sea, ... The place of arrival is probably Marrakech, the most important city of the country and one of its main tourist centers. Start by visiting the Medina of Marrakech, World Heritage Site, it is the old part of the city where the markets, mosques, alleys and palaces, are beautiful but sometimes a little tired by the weight of people. Nearby and recommended places to escape to Morocco are Fez, one of the imperial cities of the country and Essaouira, a relaxing place with beautiful beaches.


Northern Athens, known for its topographical similarities with the Greek capital, has about half a million inhabitants. The architecture is precisely one of the most attractive aspects of the city of Edinburgh, an Easter travel destination. The typically British buildings in Gothic style are decorated with many references to Celtic culture. The Royal Mile is the main artery of the Old Town and stretches for one mile between Holyroodhouse Palace, the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II in Scotland and the castle. The Royal Mile is one of the main tourist attractions of the city and where you can see many Gothic style buildings, 17th and 18th century dwelling houses, typical restaurants, the linen market, many souvenir stores and some of the most remarkable symbols of the city. The Princes Street Gardens are the gardens that separate the most modern part of the city from the old town. These famous gardens have now become a meeting and recreation point for locals and visitors to the city, and from where you can see the incredible Edinburgh Castle on a volcanic rock.


France is full of unmissable Easter travel destinations, here are three examples: 

Guadeloupe France

Whether you like keeping it easy or are an over-excited vacationer, the Caribbean archipelago fulfills all your desires. La Grande-Terre abounds in lagoons that are ideal for swimming and water sports. The waters of Bouillante offer superb underwater excursions.

Martinique France 

Dreaming is good, but making dreams come true is better! Set course for the paradisiacal expanses of sand of the Salines beach. Put on your mask and snorkel and admire the breathtaking sea bed. On the land side, lush nature awaits you. Friend hiker, climb up to Mount Pelée where an exceptional panorama rewards your efforts!

French Polynesia

Close-up on Tahiti, the muse of many artists. Opt for a total cultural change of scenery in Papeete and test the island's gentle way of life. Turquoise sea and green mountains rub shoulders for the pleasure of the eyes, white or black sandy beaches stretch as far as the eye can see... A true Eldorado for surfers and fans of sunbathing!


Stockholm is a city built on fourteen islands, making it one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. We point out that the Gamla stan is the old city of Stockholm which is located on the island of Stadsholmen, this part is known as the city of bridges. We recommend you to get lost in its streets and take something from its restaurants or terraces if the weather is nice. In addition to Stockholm's many museums, you can enjoy various activities such as changing the guard at the Royal Palace or a free visit to the Stockholm subway which looks like a museum because of the number of art decorated stations.

The best travel destinations for Easter

In April, the temperatures finally start to warm up at the end of winter... Why not take advantage of the Easter vacations to go to a big European city or a faraway country for a weekend or a week? Discover the ideal travel destinations to go on vacation in the sun in April. In Europe, heading south To get the sun in April, direction Andalusia, but also Extremadura-Castilla in Spain. In Italy, it's time to visit Tuscany and Umbria, in summer the tourists are more numerous and the heat is scorching. It is also a good time to relax on the beaches of Crete or Malta, as well as in the Balearic Islands. Turkey is also an ideal destination at this time of the year, with mild temperatures and still very moderate traffic. In Portugal, enjoy Madeira and its botanical gardens. Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy are recommended. From May onwards, most Asian countries are hit by the monsoon. If you want to enjoy the mild skies, beaches and avoid showers, April is your last chance to explore Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines or Nepal. If you are not afraid of crowds, it is also the time to go and admire the cherry blossoms in Japan. Don't forget to check the flowering dates (communicated each year by the government) to schedule your departure dates. If you have always wanted to explore Australia, the climate in April will allow you to discover Sydney, the Pinnacle Desert, the Barossa Valley or the mythical Great Ocean Road. According to the advice, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and the Philippines. India, Thailand and South Vietnam are not recommended if you are afraid of hot weather. If you are looking for sunshine in America, in New York, the climate is finally getting milder after the harsh winter temperatures. April is therefore the right month for a trip to the Big Apple. If you are looking for more sunshine, you will have to go to Florida (Miami and the Keys) but also to Hawaii. California and Louisiana are also destinations to be preferred at this time of the year. The countries of Central America can also be visited in April. In Brazil, consider Rio de Janeiro or Porto Alegre. Also think about Costa Rica and Peru. Mexico is also in the middle of the dry season and the number of tourists is not yet too high. You might as well take advantage of it. North America, Brazil and Mexico are the most popular and according to the news, Chile and Argentina are not recommended during the wet season.

Tips for staying with your family during spring break

When every year we ask ourselves the question "Where to go in April with the family", the answer is often in France. Indeed, hop, we borrow the motorhome or jump in the car and without preparing anything or almost nothing, we escape for a weekend or for short vacations. So, here are our favorite destinations of these last years with the children! Berry is an ideal place for family vacations. This region below the Sologne and the Loire castles contains wonderful places and activities for children. The favorites are the castles of Azay le Ferron and Valençay for their children's playgrounds, the Brenne park and its workshops, the Haute-Touche reserve, the pole of stars and the Sancerre house to learn more about wine. The Basque Country is also a good place to spend spring vacations with the family. Various activities will be appreciated by the children such as swimming on the beautiful beach of St Jean De luz, taking the train to La Rhune, enjoying the Izadia park, having fun at the Wow parc between fun and nature, eating the famous macaroons of St Jean De Luz. A small weekend in the Périgord is also an excellent choice. During your stay, you can do several activities and discover the Lascaux cave, the Thor to make children appreciate the cave art, the leisure center of Rouffiac. You can also visit the Loire Valley Castles. As soon as the weather is fine, you should go to enjoy the beautiful region of the Loire Valley to enjoy its castles but also its beautiful gardens already colorful suitable for anyone: for history enthusiasts, but also playful games such as treasure hunting. The places to be admired: the park of the miniature castles, the castle of Amboise, the castle of Clos Luce to see the inventions of Da Vinci and the garden of the castle of Villandry. And why not a small weekend at Easter in Paris? It is the occasion to make discover the capital to the children! They are always delighted to see the Eiffel Tower again and to discover new museums! The favorite activities in Paris: take the flyboats, climb the Eiffel Tower, walk in the Parisian gardens, see the Museum of Civilizations, discover by doing treasure hunts. Corsica is another place in France to enjoy the Easter vacations. The climate and temperatures are favorable during this season. You can choose a hotel according to your budget but book flights in advance. Stays in Corsica allow you to enjoy the island in the sun and mild air, stroll barefoot in the sand, and even some swimming for the more adventurous. You can choose from a wide choice of flights since four airports provide access to the area of the island of beauty. Outside of France, Tunisia is another place for affordable travel. Beyond the tourist seasons (low, medium or high season) of the country in question, the prices of plane tickets and all-inclusive stays also vary according to the demand in the country of departure.
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