Minimalist travel: go on an adventure with the bare necessities

Minimalism is an increasingly popular way of life in the West, the cradle of materialism and unbridled consumerism. To rebel against the idea that success, happiness and personal fulfillment lie in the accumulation of objects, thousands of people have decided to adopt the mentality: less is more. Many people have understood the value of less is more by traveling. Because travelers leave with few objects, those that are really necessary, and leave everything else at home. They don't need superfluous things to fill a backpack when they have all the beauty of the world to fill their eyes and their hearts. A minimalist trip is a very meaningful life experience, which you take inside even when it ends. Try it at least once: it could open your eyes to many aspects of your life.

Four-way trips teach you that you don't need a lot of things.

  1. The less you own and the more you value your time

When you leave with only one backpack on your shoulders, you know that the superfluous doesn't find room. Your backpack is your home away from home, and everything you need but nothing else should be in it. So when you become a minimalist backpacker, you avoid the hours that many people waste choosing what to carry. And then, when you arrive at your destination and you're in your room, you don't have to unpack and redo anything, organize a thousand things and put them away before you leave. You don't have to pay for a cab because you can't walk long with all that luggage. You don't have much with you, just what you need. Do you know what that means? It's about valuing time. Not everyone has the opportunity to travel indefinitely, so it is important to make the most of the days we have. Do you really want to spend them waiting for a suitcase on a roll or taking a thousand things out of a hotel room while the whole world is waiting for you? The minimalist traveler devotes little time to inconvenience and much time to discovery.
  1. Travelling with a clear mind

One of the beliefs behind minimalism is that the objects we own end up belonging to us. We are indeed led to believe that in materialism lies a certain happiness when in reality it is often a form of pleasure that lasts only a short time and that we then want to buy and accumulate, appear and accumulate, buy and accumulate. In most cases, those who have chosen minimalism have realized that in this way they are far from being happy: after a certain time, years can pass, one realizes how objects are like chains. When we have so many items, we feel responsible towards them because of the money we have spent and often wasted to buy them. That's when we worry about the smartphone bought in installments as if it were a helpless child, when we don't use the new car for fear that someone will scratch it, and when we buy clothes that we will never wear because they are too precious for everyday life. Minimalist life and minimalist travel are one and the same thing: materialism is uprooted from the pedestal on which we have placed it and instead we begin to live more in the present. Those who travel in a minimalist way travel without much trouble. You don't have to fear that your suitcase will be lost, you don't have to fear that your thousand objects will be stolen, you don't have to spend half an hour ordering your suitcase so that the objects it contains will not be damaged. If everything he really needs is inside a backpack, he'll just have to worry about it. On the contrary, if he has objects everywhere, in the hotel room, in his pocket, in the backpack, in the suitcase that you have packed, he will always have a feeling of fear that will prevent him from enjoying the trip.
  1. Saving money

We know that minimalism is also a great way to save money. Anyone who has decided to become minimalist knows that the amount you save each year is incredibly high and when you stop using money to buy things but invest it in experiences, you really understand the value of that choice. Even when you apply minimalism to travel, one of the best experiences to invest in, you realize how much money it saves you. First of all, because you don't have to check in any luggage, which saves you a lot on the price of low cost airline tickets. A minimalist traveler can really spend very little to visit half of Europe. Moreover, by traveling with only one backpack on your shoulders, you can walk around the city you are visiting, then get off the train or plane and move around on your own, without having to take a cab. Having only one backpack or cart with you can save a lot of money on travel and accommodation costs. A minimalist traveler, for example, can stay in any structure, even in a hostel with a dormitory where you can share space and services and spend very little, in addition to meeting lots of people.
  1. Discover what it means to travel freely

Have you ever tried to leave home with nothing in your pocket or on your shoulders except your keys? No smartphone, no wallet, no books, documents, money, glasses, accessories and any other type of object. You have your clothes and keys in your pocket, then nothing. The first thing that happens when you try to do this experience will leave you speechless: you will realize how much you don't know about where you live. The architecture of a building, the smile of a neighbor, the color of the leaves on the trees. At that moment, looking with astonishment at what you don't usually see because you are busy checking your wallet or writing to someone on your smartphone, you realize that objects have a very big influence on you.

A trip

Imagine being able to walk through the streets of Bangkok without any distractions and without worrying about your business; imagine waking up in Seville and deciding to visit neighboring Portugal, leaving in the daytime with a bus with no schedule, with only your backpack on your shoulders; imagine getting off the train in Paris with no idea where you are going to stay and being able to move around the city without having to take a cab, but walking from one structure to another. This is called freedom. It is the freedom to move around, to travel, to live fully without having to worry about transporting and taking care of all those things that already torment us in our daily lives. Do you want to try to travel in complete freedom? Plan a trip and leave with only one backpack on your shoulders. Everything you need should be in there. As soon as you embark on this adventure, you'll realize how overvalued objects are: life is here and now and you don't need to have so much to enjoy it fully. Discover Nepal, the best destination for adventure travel. A trip to Nepal means getting to know the local culture, soaking up spiritual practices and tasting the thousand delights of Nepalese cuisine. It also means discovering unexpected landscapes and meeting a welcoming and benevolent people.
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