New Year’s trip: the best suggestions

If one of your goals for next year is to travel more. With our best ideas, know that now you can prepare your trip for the new year. In addition, the New Year's reception is, always, a unique celebration. Therefore, celebrating it in another country would be an unforgettable experience. It allows you to attend a great ceremony while discovering the customs of others. And whatever your dream trip, whether it's a hotel for the stay or festive entertainment, there's a perfect choice to start the year off on the right foot! Discover, therefore, the countries, which are really worth visiting, during the Christmas vacations with the children. Check out, too, the fantastic tours we offer.

Thailand and India: a memorable New Year's Eve in Asia

If, for the new year, you dream of an unforgettable tour. Full of culture, breathtaking natural scenery, cities full of movement and contrasting beauty, a trip to Asia is a better choice for you. Then, you will spend a unique and unforgettable New Year's Eve stay there. Among the cultural tours, which you can make, you will find India, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. In all these countries you will have a special program for holidays like Christmas and New Year's Eve. There you will be able to discover the cultural traditions of each country and experience the festive atmosphere of this time of the year!

Spend New Year's Eve party in Brazil

If you want to take advantage of your travels to make the famous "first dive of the year". With mild temperatures and beautiful beaches, Brazil is, then, a better dream travel destination for you. Obviously, it is a perfect place to spend a quiet New Year's Eve stay. Full of beach, sun, rest, breathtaking natural landscapes and unique cultural itineraries, in Rio de Janeiro or Salvador, without a doubt, you will spend an unforgettable New Year's Day. Without forgetting a lively program, in an all-inclusive hotel or on the beach, for New Year's Eve, like the nights full of animation, music, dance and colors. All this to enter the New Year in style!

New Year's Eve, festive day in the snow

If you have always dreamed of unique journeys, like in snowy countries. With natural landscapes out of the ordinary. Then, on a fascinating winter trip, you really must go to the Nordic countries. You can choose between: a unique walk in the fjords, a trip to Denmark, a romantic itinerary in Germany or an adventure in the land of Santa Claus... and live a unique and unforgettable end of the year experience! In all these countries, don't let the cold take you away. Because, just like the nights of the end of the year, in every hotel around town, the New Year's Eve is, too, all lively and charming.

Turkey and Morocco: for a contrasted and cultural New Year

If, for the new year, you want to go in search of a unique historical heritage, discover an unparalleled richness, live authentic cultural traditions and have unforgettable experiences, then go on a trip to Turkey or Morocco. In fact, these two countries offer cultural itineraries full of contrasts, luxury and beauty. Like the days and nights, let yourself be enchanted by the magic of these two countries with their imperial heritage. There, in the all-inclusive hotel of your choice, you will experience a luxurious and cultural New Year's Eve stay.

In Russia: for an urban and glamorous New Year's Day

If, at the end of this year, you want to see unique cities. In order to experience the glamour of this period and witness a majestic spectacle, you should go on a trip, discovering Russia and its capitals. To the beauty and unique heritage, in every city of this country, the New Year celebrations are emblematic and grandiose. Let yourself be dazzled by the unique cities of Russia and discover the architectural and cultural beauty of this country. There you will enter the New Year with a lot of glamour and excitement! If these suggestions have made you want to go on a trip. And if the ideas have helped you to discover beautiful destinations. Then, to approach the New Year with a unique experience, discover all the other New Year travel programs, with special cultural itineraries. Why then? Because they are designed to make you live memorable moments while having a beautiful stay.
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