What clothes should I wear for a long plane trip?

Are you planning to take a long flight that involves sitting in an airplane for more than eight hours but don't know how to dress for comfort during this time? We know that during a trip, clothing has always been a dilemma and it starts from the first moment of your experience, on the plane. Forget about glamour, the goal is to be comfortable and travel in comfort, without exaggerating by going in pyjamas.

1.Wear loose clothing for comfort

Tight clothing can be very uncomfortable for a long flight. In addition, they do not allow blood to circulate easily, since the pressure of altitude also affects the circulatory system. Opt for light, soft clothing to help you breathe easier. Jeans are not a woman's best ally, so it's better to use wide pants or leggings for more comfort. Avoid wearing skirts and dresses to avoid freezing to death. It is then essential to choose your outfit for more comfort. For a ski vacation, prepare a child's suitcase with well-fitting underwear, long-sleeved T-shirt and possibly technical pants to wear directly under the ski suit.

2. Bring an extra jacket or sweater.

For the misfortune of those of us who are cold, the air conditioning of the plane is usually extremely cold. To keep warm, it is recommended that you bring an extra sweater, sweatshirt or jacket in your carry-on luggage or backpack. If you're too cold, consider wearing a scarf or scarf to cover your neck and even a small blanket to keep you warm. Some airlines will give you one, but if in doubt, it's best to be prepared to avoid unpleasant surprises. Your carry-on luggage should contain everything you need to travel in comfort.

3. Don't forget the accessories that will help you sleep well.

Comfort and rest come first. That's why you should include in your bag or hand luggage the "vital" accessories that will make your flight more enjoyable. For those who already snore before taking off, then a mask is the best option, especially if your flight is during the day. The mask should be made of silk or cotton to make it more pleasing to the eyes. Do you often arrive at your destination with your neck twisted because of bad sleep? Or worse, you accidentally leaned on your neighbor's shoulder. To prevent this from happening to you, have a travel pillow handy in your bag. Planes are usually a little uncomfortable. There are different types and materials to suit all tastes and budgets. A pair of earplugs is also an essential accessory to put in your hand luggage before your flight. You'll need them to insulate you from cabin noise, the baby's crying (which is not always missing on an airplane) and the plane's engine itself.

4. We do not recommend wearing shoes or tight heels.

Shoes and socks are also important for your comfort. Indeed, the problem of blood circulation is a recurring problem in an airplane. Feet tend to swell. To remedy this, wear a pair of comfortable shoes that are easy to remove. Forget about heels and of course flip-flops to prevent your feet from freezing. You can also opt for a pair of socks or compression stockings that promote blood circulation and reduce the feeling of fatigue. In addition to these accessories, it's a good idea to get up after a few hours to stretch your legs and move your body.

5. Children must also be comfortable

A long flight is a bit tiring for adults. Now imagine the case of children, who are often very active by nature. Don't make it difficult for them to get dressed. They should also wear comfortable, soft, easy-to-remove clothing. Bring extra clothing to protect them from the cold if necessary. Don't forget accessories such as socks and travel pillows so they can stay in their place in comfort.
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